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General Information for All Cadets


The 2017 Illinois Wing Summer Encampment will take place Saturday, 14 JUL 2018, through Saturday, 21 JUL 2018, at Marseilles Training Center (MTC) in Marseilles, IL.  This is an Army National Guard Facility.  If you have not attended an Encampment previously, you should make plans to attend Encampment this summer!  Successful completion of a Civil Air Patrol Encampment is a prerequisite to earning the CAP General Billy Mitchell award.  In addition to gaining useful leadership experience and an in-depth knowledge of the United States Air Force and Civil Air Patrol, you will meet cadets from Illinois Wing and other Wings and share in a week of learning, sports and social activities.


Applying/Registering for Encampment

To apply for the 2018 Illinois Wing Summer Encampment cadets must fill out the attached forms and return them to Summer Encampment Headquarters, 1825 W ILES AVE Springfield, IL 62704.  Cadet registration will be open from 1 April 2018 to 15 June 2017 or email the completed (AND SIGNED) to .  First year cadets need to apply as a Basic/Student.  Cadets who have attended an Encampment before may attend as a student again, apply for the Support Staff, apply to attend the Communications School, or apply for the Cadre Leadership School (Formerly known as ATS).  Additional requirements including age and CAP grade can be found in the appropriate information sections for each school.


Applications/Form Requirements

There will be no requirement to register online for 2018. You will need to complete the required forms and obtain the appropriate signatures and mail or email them to the encampment HQ address listed above. The forms required for application to the 2017 Summer Encampment are: CAPF 31, Encampment Parental Consent Statement, CAPF 160, CAPF 161, CAPF 162, if necessary, CAPF 163 (all are available online at  All forms must be completed in their entirety with all necessary signatures and information to be considered.  These forms and your payment must be received by 15 June 2018 (this is the deadline date for forms and payments for registrations began during the cadet registration period).  This Encampment is open to all eligible CAP cadets. *There is no guarantee that any enrichment activities (such as a flight with the Army Air Guard) will take place.

Forms must be e-mailed to or mailed to:  ILWGSE 2018, 1825 W ILES AVE, Springfield, IL 62704

Note: Cadets applying for anything other than basic Encampment should indicate on their CAPF 31 what they are applying for in RED CAPITAL letters in the upper right hand corner (for example: CADRE, “Comms”, or “CLS” in RED, CAPITAL letters)

DO NOT send any summer Encampment application materials to Illinois Wing Headquarters.  DO NOT send any summer Encampment application materials to National Headquarters.  DO NOT send any summer Encampment application materials through a service that requires a signature to receive the packet.  All cadet forms for Encampment must be received with the appropriate fee by 15 June 2018.  Applications received incomplete or without payment will not be considered until they are complete.  Registrations and new applications will not be accepted after the 15 June 2018 cut off for on-line registration.  Any application received after 15 June 2018 will not be considered.  No walk-ins will be accepted at the Encampment.



All forms and payment must be received by 30 June 2018 for each cadet to be assured a spot at the Encampment. (NOTE:  You must register  between 1 April 2018 and 15 June 2018.)  The fee for all cadets  is $145.00 and includes all food, housing and activities for the week. Completed applications must be sent to ILWG Summer Encampment Headquarters at the Springfield, IL address above or scanned and e-mailed to the Encampment e-mail address at If you e-mail your paperwork, please indicate in the email that you have mailed the check to the physical address in Springfield, IL or that you have made your payment using PayPal.

  1. Payment – Should be made within 30 days of registration. You may make your payment using PayPal or pay by check. Payment must be made no later than 30 June 2018.
    • If you chose to pay using PayPal you must sign-in to PayPal; chose to send money to (only use this e-mail address for PayPal payments); input to send $145.00, plus a $5.00 processing fee, for a total of $150.00; make sure to note in the memo section your cadet’s name and ILWGSE 2018. Please note on your CAPF31 that you used PayPal to make your payment and include the transaction number. Note: It is recommended you not use Google Chrome to complete this payment. Others have had problems with the payment not going through successfully using Google Chrome.
    • If you chose to pay by check make it payable to 2018 ILWG Summer Encampment. Print the cadet’s first and last name on the memo line of the check. You must mail your check to:  ILWGSE 2018, 1825 W ILES AVE, Springfield, IL 62704


Medical Information

            To minimize surprise medical problems that may occur at the Encampment, all cadets will be required to complete CAPF 160, CAPF 161 and CAPF 163 with their CAPF 31 (Encampment registration).  These forms will be reviewed by the Encampment Commander and the Encampment Medical Officer.  If further information (a CAPF 162) is required, you will be contacted.  Note:  Per CAPR 160-1, 5-1-c, pg 13 “If, after review of the CAPF 160, a member’s safe participation in an activity is in question, the activity commander may require additional information from the member’s physician using a CAPF 162 physical exam form in order to determine if the member can safely participate in the activity’s full program, only a portion of the activity due to medical limitations, or is wholly unsuited for that activity due to medical limitations.



A detailed packing list is available on the Summer Encampment web page or from your squadron commander.  The items included on the packing list are required.  All items must be brought with you to Encampment.  You will not have an opportunity to purchase any items once you arrive at Encampment.


Getting to Encampment

Transportation to and from Encampment is the responsibility of the member.  Commanders may, on an as available basis, provide CAP vehicle or aircraft transportation.

Transportation to and from Encampment may include carpooling with other cadets, parents driving, squadron commanders or group commanders driving, and cadets driving themselves.  Check with your squadron commander and other members of your squadron regarding available options for transportation.

Cadets who drive POVs to Encampment will not operate the POV while at the Encampment.  Upon arrival, they will turn in all car keys to the designated senior member, who will return the keys when cadets are dismissed. The Encampment staff will not be making any arrangements for transportation.


Arriving at Encampment

Upon arriving at Encampment, the check-in process will begin.  Senior members will check to make sure each Cadet has a current CAP membership card in their possession.  They will also inspect all luggage for contraband.  Any contraband found will be confiscated.  Inhalers will be kept by the cadet, on their person, at all times.

After the luggage inspection, squadrons and flights will be assigned.  Flight staff will take charge of their respective flights and show cadets their room, how to set up personal items, and how to make a bunk.

The first few hours of Encampment can be stressful and hectic.  There is much information for to learn in a short amount of time.  The more cooperation between squadron staff members and the other cadets in the squadron, the easier and quicker this process will go.  Things will get easier as the week progresses.


Cadets should arrive at MTC on Saturday, 14 July 2018,

between 1300 (1:00 p.m.) and 1500 (5:00 p.m.).


Living with several other people

Cadets will be staying in open bay barracks that include beds, foot lockers and shelving for storage and hanging uniforms.  There will be 12-40 cadets in each room.
A separate area for personal hygiene is available in each housing unit in private stalls.  Each cadet will bathe at least once per day.  Each cadet will be instructed in the proper method for arranging uniform items, making a bunk, and storing personal gear.  Because space is being shared with many other people, cadets are expected to maintain a clean living area and remove all personal items from the restroom each day.  No one will be there to pick up after you.



Training Day

Our days at Encampment begin with reveille at 0600 (6:00 a.m.) and end with lights out at 2130 (9:30 p.m.).  It is strongly recommended that each cadet be in good physical condition and that boots be well broken in. The day will involve marching, meals, classes, drill practice, making your bunk and cleaning your room, inspections, physical training, and squadron time.  Each day will be full of activities and will require you to be well rested.  You need your sleep each night, and the lights out time will be enforced.



Formations will be held each morning before breakfast and each evening before dinner.  All cadets will participate in Encampment formations.



While at Encampment, you will march to and from meals, classes, and other activities.  It is vital that your boots and shoes are well broken in before you arrive at Encampment.  While wearing boots, it is recommended that you wear two pairs of socks, either one light weight pair with a heavy pair or two medium weight pairs.  This will help prevent blisters.  Blisters are a common problem at Encampment.  You need to take care of your feet by keeping them clean and dry and changing your socks every day.  If you do develop a blister, your flight staff will assist you in seeing the Medical Officer to get it taken care of as soon as possible.



The basic uniform requirements for the Encampment are at least two (2) sets of the BDU/ABU camouflage uniforms for daily wear and one (1) set of the summer Air Force style blue uniform for the graduation parade.  A detailed clothing and equipment list is available on-line or from your squadron commander.  Cadets MUST ARRIVE with the required uniforms and should not plan to purchase uniform items at the Encampment.  The base does not sell CAP insignia.  Civil Air Patrol insignia items may be procured through Vanguard prior to Encampment.


Grooming Standards

All cadets must meet the grooming standards set forth in CAPM 39-1 BEFORE arriving at Encampment.  Grooming standards will be strictly enforced.  Cadets not meeting grooming standards will be responsible for any cost incurred to correct the problem(s).  If a discrepancy cannot be corrected, the cadet may be dismissed from the Encampment.


Membership Status

Cadets who have completed Achievement 1, and are current members of CAP are eligible to attend Encampments. Cadets must bring with them and carry on their person at all times a valid, current CAP membership card.  Cadets arriving without a valid, current CAP membership card will NOT be permitted to remain at the Encampment.  All cadets should make sure their membership is valid until at least 31 July 2018.





Encampment is held at the end of June, which can be some of the hottest parts of the year.  Staying well hydrated by drinking plenty of water is necessary to stay healthy and to be able to participate in all Encampment activities.  Cadets are required to drink one to two glasses of water at EVERY meal, in addition to drinking water from their canteen throughout the day.  Cadets never have to ask permission to drink water.  It is better to make an extra trip to the restroom than to end up in the Medical Office due to dehydration.



Meals are provided in the dining facility during Encampment.  Service will be cafeteria style.  It is important that each cadet eat three meals every day.  Cadets participate in a great deal of physical activity while at Encampment and will need adequate calories and nourishment in order to have enough energy to stay active throughout the day.  Please be sure to include any dietary restrictions on your Parental Consent Statement before mailing.


Keeping in touch with home

Cadets will be allowed to call home, using base phones, during personal time.  They will  NOT need a calling card or cell phone to call home.  Cell phones are not allowed at Encampment.


Help at Encampment

Each squadron has five cadet staff members assigned to conduct the training and oversee the squadron.  These staff members are experienced cadets who have attended Encampments previously.  They are your first contact for questions, concerns, or problems.  Additionally, each squadron has at least two senior members assigned as Training Officers.  These TOs ensure the safety of the cadets and provide feedback to the cadet staff members.  TOs also assist cadets with medications and other medical issues including visiting the Medical Officer.  Cadets may speak to their TO at any time.  Cadets may also speak to the Chaplain if they desire.



Parents and/or family members of cadets are invited to the Pass in Review and Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, 21 July 2018 at 11:00 a.m.  Your cadet will not be available to you until after the graduation.  Please indicate the names of family members who will be attending using the graduation guest list on the left pane of the encampment web page.  All attendees names MUST be on the list at the front gate in order to be allowed access to the base for the Pass in Review.


Information for Cadet Students attending Basic Encampment



Activities for this year’s Encampment will include, but are not limited to:

  • Major U.S. Air Force Command briefings to be presented by teams of United States Air Force officers;
  • Civil Air Patrol briefings designed to increase cadets’ knowledge of the overall program;
  • Firearms training using an engagement skills Trainer (Laser based, full recoil firearms simulation);
  • Rappelling training provided by Illinois State Police rappel masters
  • Confidence Courses;
  • Information on aerospace career opportunities;
  • Inter-squadron sports events, drill competition, leadership classes and, of course, the Encampment graduation parade, all add up to a week of continuous and interesting activities.


Additionally, planned activities for the week may include the following:

  • Orientation flights in CAP and/or military aircraft (Be sure to include your weight when you register online and on your CAPF 31.)
  • Rock climbing on a portable wall

*These activities are subject to change based on weather, facilities and instructor availability.


Information for Cadet Students attending Comms School


            There will be a Comms School for Cadets and Senior Members at the ILWG Summer Encampment 2018.  Cadets will focus on mission radio skills.  To attend Comms School cadets must have attended and completed one basic Encampment.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT FOR COMMS SCHOOL: Attendees are required to complete online ICUT training before Encampment begins.  ICUT stands for Introductory Communications User Training and is an introductory course in communications using the specific models of radios the Civil Air Patrol utilizes for regular operations.  Please see the On-line Course & Exams section of the National CAP website for a link.  You will need access to e-services to complete the course.  Cadets & senior members attending Comms School must bring, and have in their possession at all times, their 101 card.


Information for Cadet Students attending CLS


The purpose of the CLS is threefold.

  1. The first mission is to increase the leadership potential of all participants to assist them in becoming future outstanding Encampment staff members and leaders in their home squadrons.
  2. The second mission is to develop a flight that is the standard bearer for the Encampment.
  3. The third mission is to prepare the advanced cadets to assist trainee flights requiring additional assistance.

Tasks for this flight are to master fundamental skills of drill and ceremonies, uniform wear, customs and courtesies, military bearing, and billet preparation.  ATS cadets will receive in-depth leadership training as the focus of their preparation.  They will become masters of Encampment tasks and will be fully trained for an Encampment staff position next year.  Additionally, it is another opportunity for leadership development that will improve their squadron.


Planned activities include*:

  • Cadets will rotate through element leader, flight sergeant, and flight commander positions daily
  • Time management and teamwork activities
  • Leadership classes
  • Daily inspections
  • Barracks procedures instruction
  • Supporting other trainee flights who need additional instruction and assistance
  • Inter-squadron sports events, drill competition, leadership classes and, of course the Encampment graduation parade, all add up to a week of continuous and interesting activities.
  • Orientation flights in CAP and/or military aircraft (Be sure to include your weight on your CAPF 31.)

*These activities are subject to change based on weather, facilities and instructor availability.

REQUIREMENTS:  Cadets applying for this school must be a C/SrA or above at the time of application and must have attended an ILWG Summer Encampment, or a week long Encampment equivalent with the approval of the Encampment commander.

  • All cadets who successfully complete the ATS curriculum in 2018, choose to apply for a cadet staff position at Summer Encampment 2019, and follow all published procedures for submitting their staff application will be GUARANTEED a cadet staff position in 2019.


Additional Information & Updates for All



We are anticipating an exciting 2018 Summer Encampment.  Space at MTC  is limited and you should submit your application today

Don’t Forget!


Mail or make your payment and submit the required forms, within 30 days of registration and before 30 June 2018!





Gabriel C McDowell, Capt, Civil Air Patrol

2018 ILWG Summer Encampment Commander


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